Gluten free and Dairy free sticky Toffee pudding


l love making sticky toffee pudding , why not make it gluten and dairy free, for people who have an allergy to gluten and dairy . The recipe I used was the 130g rice flour and 45g corn flour mix together with 1tsp baking power set aside, and then cook the 120g chopped dates with 300ml water and 1 tsp baking soda, cook until the water is gone and set aside. In a bowl add the 90g coconut oil, 150g dark brown sugar and 2 eggs ,beat until the mixture is pale and thick. Now add the flour and date mixtures. Beat well until smooth and pour the mixture into the oven and bake for 35-40 minutes. From the toffee sauce add 175g dark brown sugar, 250ml coconut tin or fresh coconut milk and 1/2 salt , heat gently until the coconut and the sugar dissolved .


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