The easiest flan recipe


Flan is also known as creme caramel (perhaps the other way around) and its a beloved dessert all around the world
The thing with creme caramel is that it has to be a silky custard and flan has a bit more range, some people like over-cooking it or cooking it at higher temperatures to see some bubbles develop in the custard, which gives it texture and a rather interesting consistency which I like but its not for everybody

Look at my video and you’ll see how crazy easy it is to put together, the oven does all the work here!

You can bake it individually but honestly its a bit of a nightmare to take out one by one

Yields 6 portions

Using a 13cm by 6cm pan with a handle that is over safe
But you can use any ramekin

150ml condensed milk
2 large eggs
190 ml whole milk
Splash of vanilla extract

For the caramel:
45g sugar

Nicky’s notes: sorry for that black screen part, something clearly went wrong there 🙂


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