Keto Bread Pudding using PSMF Bread | Carnivore Friendly | Egg White Bread recipe


Make this Keto Bread Pudding using your leftover PSMF bread (the egg white bread). Perfect recipe to use up the PSMF bread or cake that didn’t quite turn out or you didn’t like the texture. Don’t throw it away! Make this and redeem it!

NOTE: This is NOT a PSMF recipe, this is just using up the PSMF bread in a keto recipe.

Keto Bread Pudding Recipe ingredients:
• 1 recipe of egg white carnivore cake (see my link) or 1/2 recipe PSMF bread (see link)
• 3 eggs
• 1/2 cup heavy cream
• toppings/addins of your choice
Cube your leftover cake or bread into bite sized pieces and place in a pan or pie plate.
Beat eggs with cream. Pour mixture over the bread cubes and then mix with a spatula to coat all the bread pieces.
If desired sprinkle with cinnamon. Keto people can add Swerve or other toppings, Carnivore people this tastes pretty good as is!
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
I enjoy it cold from the fridge.

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