Dessert Series – Taipei Coconut Delight


Our Taipei coconut dessert is a work of joy. At its heart is an easily made coconut milk rice pudding, sprinkled with lucuma and course ground cardamom powder, and anti-oxidant power from goji berries. The simple dish soon transforms, looking (and tasting) lovely, thanks to some extraordinary visual embellishment. Exotic edible red flowers team up with strawberry preserves to make a colorful bed. Add the pudding to this base, and top with pink edible flowers, (Dang) coconut chips, a couple of intriguing cardamom pods and some red jam. This tropical delight is sure to light up all the internal circuits of bliss.

Learn how to cook delicious and healthy vegan meals from Vaidya Priyanka.

Each episode will not only leave you with a great dish but also with insight into the health benefits of the dish and the culture of its origin

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