Banana Pudding better than Magnolia | Delicious and irresistible


I love banana pudding – who doesn’t? This is great as a dinner table dessert with families and friends. I’ve given it a spin by adding the mascarpone cream which really does make it taste better. And yes, I am pretty sure it’s better than the one from Magnolia bakery.

Please enjoy! (btw, I used Nilla Wafers)

▶Banana Pudding◀
Quantity: 5 x 220ml cups

※Banana Pudding※
Milk 180g
Banana Puree 45g
Egg Yolk 48g
Sugar 48g
Corn Starch 18g

Pls note: Banana puree can be either store-bought or self-made. If self-made, then add 10% sugar with fresh bananas and blend it completely.

① Add everything into a saucepan.
② Heat it up and make a pastry cream! (Take a look at my pastry cream video)
③ The point is to keep whisking past the point of max thickness for another minute.
④ Cool down the pastry cream in the fridge.

※Mascarpone Whipped Cream※
Heavy Cream 200g
Mascarpone (optional but recommended) 20g
Sugar 20g
Cointreau (optional but recommended) 5g

① Add everything into a bowl and whip to the desired consistency

① Lightly whip the pastry cream that’s cooled down in the fridge and make it smooth.
② Split the Nilla wafers into a few pieces. (yes, I used Nilla wafers)
③ Alternate piping/placing the Nilla wafers, diced bananas, pastry cream and the mascarpone whipped cream.
④ (Optional) Sift icing sugar and then place caramelized bananas.

Storage: Serve a few hours after the assembly is complete. Can store refrigerated for up to 2 days.


★My Equipments★
Oven: UNOX Bakerlux Shop.Pro Convection oven
Silicone Mat: Silpat
Perforated Silicone Mat (Mesh): Silpat
Handmixer: Luxel or Tornado
Hand Blender: Bamix

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As my story suggests, I really enjoy being a pastry chef and I am keen to share the joy of baking with as many people as possible. Baking can seem daunting at first but as long as you take it step-by-step anyone can do it – even someone with no baking background like myself managed to become a professional pastry chef!

I’ll try my best to include detailed explanations and tips in my recipes so that you will be able to bake amazing desserts. I aim to create videos that can be enjoyed by people at all levels – those who bake for fun as well as those who want to get more serious.


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